Frances Ha

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Frances Ha  (B).  I wasn’t sure about this movie.  It’s gotten pretty good reviews from the critics, but on the other hand it was directed and co-written Noah Baumbach, whose previous movie The Squid and the Whale pretty much left me cold.  But on the other hand, it stars Greta Gerwig, whom I liked in Damsels in Distress, so I held out some hope.  Gerwig stars as Frances, a 27-year-old gal living in New York and barely squeaking by as an apprentice dancer with a professional dance company.  She is more or less stuck in college mode, sharing an apartment with her college friend Sophie, whose company she prefers to any mere boyfriend.  But reality is starting to make its inevitable demands.  Sophie has a serious boyfriend and is less available.  Frances’s career as a dancer appears to be going nowhere, and her finances are precarious.  She has no romantic prospects, and one of her few guy friends frequently refers to her as “undatable.”  Still, Frances seems like a basically decent person, and something about Gerwig’s portrayal made me want to root for her.  Plus, it’s only 86 minutes long, so it’s not a huge time investment.

5 comments on “Frances Ha

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