The Aristocats

DVD review from The Movie Snob

The AristoCats  (C+).  This was my first time to see this 1970 Disney movie.  It was a decent way to pass the time, but it certainly doesn’t measure up to Disney greats like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or The Lion King.  The plot was very similar to that of Lady & the Tramp.  Lady cat Duchess (voice of Eva Gabor, TV’s Green Acres) and her three kittens are the pampered pets of a wealthy but elderly Parisian woman.  When Madame draws up a will leaving her whole estate to her pets for their lifetimes and only after that to her faithful butler Edgar, Edgar decides to accelerate the process by dumping the cats in the French countryside far from Paris.  A good-natured alley cat named Thomas O’Malley takes it upon himself to help them get home.  There are a few unmemorable songs along the way.  But this is probably a good one for younger kids; there are no very scary scenes, parental deaths, or anything like that.


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