Upstream Color

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Upstream Color  (F).  Back in 2004, director Shane Carruth made a splash with Primer, a time-travel film he made for $7,000.  I didn’t care for that movie, and I really didn’t care for this one.  At first it’s a somewhat gross sci-fi movie about a thief who can basically hypnotize you into doing anything he wants you to if he can make you swallow a weird (alien?) grub.  But that generally coherent plot dissolves into a series of increasingly weird and random-seeming scenes, mostly involving a guy played by Carruth and a woman played by new-to-me Amy Seimetz.  But there are lots of scenes involving pigs in a pig lot, too.  And a few scenes involving people that apparently have nothing to do with anything else in the movie.  The Thoreau book Walden is also prominently featured.  It doesn’t add up to a coherent movie, and I have read that Carruth intended it to be that way.  How it is scoring an 81 on Metacritic is beyond me.  Avoid this movie, unless you like stuff that is weird for the sake of being weird.

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  1. […] slow and arty and vague, and it sort of reminded me of another arty sci-fi film I really disliked, Upstream Color.  But if you’re in the mood for a slow, creepy, unsettling, confusing movie, this is the […]

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