Daring Greatly (book review)

Mom Under Cover spends some time between the covers of another book.

Daring Greatly, by Dr. Brene Brown (A)
The subtitle tells it all and though it seems like hyperbole, it isn’t:  How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead.  Dr. Brown’s TED Talks have gone uber-viral and that certainly helped catapult this book to the success it has enjoyed thus far.  Nevertheless, it is an excellent call to and roadmap for living an authentic life–the primary ingredient of which is being fully present both physically and emotionally.  Brown conveys the research she has done over the last decade or so in readable, digestible portions and sprinkles her Texan colloquialisms in just the right measure.  One critic noted that this book is a rehash of some of Brown’s earlier work in more of a how-to format.  Having not read any of the earlier books, I cannot comment.  However, I feel confident that every reader will find some insight into wholehearted living and find implications for all aspects of life.

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