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Lincoln  (A-).  I thoroughly enjoyed this two-and-a-half-hour movie about The Great Emancipator, who is played with panache by the great Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood).  As you’ve probably already read, the movie actually focuses on a very short period of time–a few weeks in January 1865, when the Civil War was close to being won and Lincoln decided to push for the congressional passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery throughout the country.  I had never imagined that the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment was a difficult feat, given that there were no congressmen from the Confederate states in Washington at the time, but apparently it was a very close-run thing.  Anyway, despite the narrow focus, the film has an epic feel (no doubt thanks to director Steven Spielberg, Jaws).  Lots of familiar faces turn up, such as Tommy Lee Jones (Hope Springs) as fiery abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens, Sally Field (Forrest Gump) as Abe’s difficult wife Mary, and a memorable James Spader (2 Days in the Valley) as one of three slimy fixers who are enlisted to help round up the requisite votes for the amendment’s passage.  It may be a history lesson, but it goes down easy.

5 comments on “Lincoln

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