She Loves Me (stage review)

From the desk of The Movie Snob.

She Loves Me.  This was my first trip to Stage West, a theater over in a rough, industrial neighborhood on the south side of I-30 in Fort Worth.  It reminded me of the little productions that Irving’s Lyric Stage used to do—a little bitty theater with just six rows of seats.  I caught today’s matinee of this old-fashioned 1963 musical, which is based on the same original source material as the movie You’ve Got Mail.  In this version, which is apparently set in Hungary, Georg Nowak and Amalia Balash are working in a perfume shop, where they intensely get on each other’s nerves.  But unbeknownst to each other, they have been writing anonymous love letters to each other through a lonely hearts club, and the date for them to meet “for the first time” is approaching.  Both the leads do a good job and are decent singers; Alison Hodgson, who plays Amalia, looks like a young Naomi Watts.  The show runs through December 9, and I recommend it if you like musical comedy.  But it’s definitely not rated G; I’d probably say it’s really more like PG-13, based especially on a pivotal scene in a café where a lot of odd and sexually charged behavior goes on in the background.  Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed it and recommend it to fans of musicals.

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