Ruby Sparks

A movie review from The Movie Snob.

Ruby Sparks  (B).  Okay, the premise for this independent flick is not the freshest.  Calvin (Paul Dano, Little Miss Sunshine) is a well-known writer with a bad case of writer’s block and a recurring dream about a mysterious girl.  At his shrink’s suggestion, he starts writing a story about a stranger who meets him and likes his dog Scottie, and Calvin decides to make the story about his dreamgirl, whom he names Ruby Sparks.  Lo and behold, soon after he starts writing the story, the girl of his dreams materializes in his house.  Ruby, played by Dano’s real-life girlfriend Zoe Kazan (The Savages), is clearly a graduate of the Zooey Deschanel Finishing School for Cute, Quirky Girls, and after verifying that he has not gone insane, Calvin understandably falls for her hard.  But Calvin is more than a little co-dependent, and when Ruby starts to want a little independence, a little space, Calvin is severely tempted to return to the typewriter (Yes, a typewriter.  Quirk!) whence she sprang and edit that particular aspect out of her personality.  I enjoyed it–Kazan wrote the screenplay and does a good job of making the characters behave pretty believably in a fantastical situation.  Worth a look.


5 comments on “Ruby Sparks

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