Your Sister’s Sister

From the desk of The Movie Snob.

Your Sister’s Sister  (D+).  I thought the set-up was promising, but this little indie flick really didn’t work for me.  Mark, an average guy in his mid-30s, is still in a depressive funk a year after the death of his brother Tom.  His best friend Iris—who dated Tom for a while—orders Mark to hop a ferry to an idyllic island where Iris’s dad owns a cabin that is currently vacant.  She instructs him to use the solitude to veg out and get his head on straight.  But when he takes Iris’s advice, Mark discovers someone else is already in the cabin doing the same thing—Iris’s half-sister Hannah, who is trying to get over the end of a seven-year relationship.  A bottle of tequila later, and despite what should be a certain fundamental incompatibility, Mark and Hannah quickly get to know each other very well indeed.  To complete the awkwardness of it all, Iris herself shows up at the cabin the very next morning.  (So much for the solitude plan—or was Iris secretly planning to show up all along?)  That’s the set-up; the rest of the movie is bad behavior and secret revelations galore, and I really just didn’t buy it.  Mark, played by Mark Duplass (director, Jeff, Who Lives at Home), is an unappealing and excessively foul-mouthed fellow.  The lovely Emily Blunt (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) does her best with Iris, and the lovely Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married) does her best with the rather more mysterious Hannah, but the script lets them down.  And the ending feels false.  In short, not very good.

3 comments on “Your Sister’s Sister

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