A DVD review from The Movie Snob.

Trespass  (F).  Why?  Why did Nicole Kidman (The Others), who is probably the most beautiful and talented actress the world has ever known, agree to be in this truly horrendous movie?  Not only is the movie terrible, but she plays the wife of the unappealing Nicolas Cage (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) and even has to kiss him a couple of times.  She must have owed somebody a really huge favor is all I can think of.  Anyway, Cage plays a high-stakes diamond broker, and he and his family live in a fabulous house with a high-tech security system that is comically ineffective against the four masked robbers that take Cage, Kidman, and eventually their teenaged daughter hostage.  The lovely Kidman spends pretty much the entire movie screaming, cowering, and occasionally getting manhandled by the robbers.  There is no suspense, and the numerous plot “twists” are universally inane.  Only Kidman’s luminescence saves this turkey from an even lower grade.  When you celebrate Kidman’s birthday on June 20, I suggest you see one of her other movies instead.

“What do you mean, I have to kiss Nicolas Cage?”


3 comments on “Trespass

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  2. […] The special effects were pretty good. I think my favorite character was the mole. Nicolas Cage (Trespass) did the voice for the mole and I wouldn’t have recognized it as him until I saw the credits. […]

  3. […] Never Let Me Go).  A wicked taxidermist played by the beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman (Trespass) is hot on Paddington’s trail, although it is beyond bizarre that a talking bear would be more […]

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