Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror  (C-).  I am no fan of Julia Roberts (The Pelican Brief), but the previews for this retelling of Snow White looked reasonably entertaining, so I decided to give it a chance.  It turned out to be a dud, feeling long and draggy.  As the story opens, an evil queen (Roberts) is ruining the kingdom–through runaway spending and high taxes, of all things!  She gives orders that Snow White (the rightful heir to the throne) is to be taken into the forest and killed, but instead Snow White runs away and falls in with a band of seven dwarfs.  A handsome but hapless prince (Armie Hammer, The Social Network) wanders blithely into the kingdom, and the queen decides she will marry him to get his riches and keep her insolvent kingdom afloat.  Meanwhile, the dwarfs train Snow White in the arts of thievery, swordfighting, etc., so she can stick up for herself and take her kingdom back.  On the plus side, there are a few amusing lines, the visuals of the kingdom are nice, and the gal who plays Snow White, Lily Collins (daughter of the incomparable Phil Collins), is absolutely beautiful.  But that’s about it; it’s a very long-feeling 95-minute movie.

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