The Muppets

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The Muppets  (C-).  Seems like this movie has been getting good reviews (Metacritic score 76), so I was kind of excited about seeing it.  I’m old enough to have watched “The Muppet Show” during its TV run, and I remember really liking it.  But this movie, I’m afraid, was a rather dull affair.  Jason Segel (I Love You, Man) plays a guy from Smalltown, USA who has a younger brother named Walter who just happens to be a muppet.  He also has a long-time sweetheart played by Amy Adams (Enchanted).  The three of them take a trip to L.A., where they find to their horror that the old muppet studios are about to be destroyed by a dastardly oil tycoon (Chris Cooper, Great Expectations).  So they go on a quest to reunite Kermit, Fozzie, and the whole gang to put on a telethon to raise the money to save the studio.  It’s sincere and earnest and frankly pretty dull.

It makes me wonder if the muppets TV show was really any good either.  The only sketch I really remember from it, and I do remember it vividly, is a musical number by a woman guest star in which she’s dressed up as a little girl and sings about how her family kidnaps anybody unlucky enough to stop by their house.  It’s still pretty funny; just search on youtube for “muppets” and “you’re always welcome at our house,” or something like that.

4 comments on “The Muppets

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