Tower Heist

Mom Under Cover sends in this review

Tower Heist:  A

After hearing a so-so review of this film on PRI’s The Takeaway, I went expecting to have a chuckle or two.  I was pleasantly surprised–and am still sore from laughing.  Alan Alda (The Aviator) plays Shaw (think Bernie Madoff),  who occupies the penthouse of a fancy-smancy NY high rise. As the movie unfolds, we learn that Shaw bilked his investors, and lost the retirement funds of all the employees of the building.   Building Manager Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller, Night at the Museum) hatches a plan to steal $20M he thinks is hidden in Shaw’s penthouse.  The band of merry men includes Kovacs’ brother-in-law played beautifully by Casey Affleck (Interstellar), Matthew Broderick (Election), Michael Peña (Fury) and petty thief, Slide (Eddie Murphy, The Haunted Mansion).  The old, pre-nutty professor Eddie Murphy with his signature laugh is the perfect foil for Stiller–who pretty much seems like himself–but it works well here. Except for Slide, none of the would-be thieves have stolen so much as a glance.  Hilarity ensues.  Téa Leoni (Jurassic Park III) appears as an FBI agent and love interest for Stiller.  Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) rounds out the cast as a sassy Caribbean maid with an integral role in the heist.  Affleck and Broderick masterfully underplay their roles with perfect deadpan delivery.  Directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), Tower Heist is a very satisfying combination of comedy and action.

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  1. […] several people told me it was better. In this 2005 release, Jim Carrey (Yes Man) and Téa Leoni (Tower Heist) play the upwardly mobile couple who are forced to turn to a life of crime after his company […]

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