X-Men: First Class

The Borg Queen beams us the following review

X-Men:  First ClassD

This is one of those movies where I was just waiting for it to end almost as soon as it started.  There was little, if anything, about the story or characters that I found interesting.  On the contrary, the movie was utterly predictable.  I knew how it would end.  I knew who would end up hurt or dead.  And I knew who would end up good or bad.  As you likely know, this is a pre-quel to the other X-Men movies and is the story about how Xavier founded the school of mutants.  It also is a story about how and why Xavier and his group became the good guys, and how and why Magneto and his group became the bad guys.  Aside from Mystique, most of the young mutants are people that were not in any of the later movies, so I found myself not caring about them one way or the other.  The story also takes place in the past, so the underlying story is about a potential atomic clash with Russia – really?  Granted, the idea of having a conflict with Russia during the time the story takes place is accurate, but as of the day I was watching this movie, it really did not cause me any concern.  There were times when the story seemed to drag – and I noticed I could hear people rustling in their seats and getting up to go to the bathroom during those times too, so I’m pretty sure it was not just me that felt the boredom.  In addition to all of this, there were several scenes where women were dressed in undergarments for absolutely no purpose other than to have dozens of women dressed in undergarments.  It added nothing to the story, while making the movie inappropriate for kids and, in my opinion, warranting an R–not PG-13–rating.  There was no applause at the end of the film, despite the jam-packed theater–that pretty much says it all.


3 comments on “X-Men: First Class

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