The Company Men

From the desk of The Movie Snob

The Company Men (B-). Lots of good actors signed up for this movie about three white-collar guys at a big company whose jobs are put at risk by The Great Recession. Ben Affleck (The Town) is the youngest guy, and the first to lose his job. He’s a cocky and successful salesman, so he sustains some serious psychic wounds when the job search doesn’t flip him into a new job right away. Chris Cooper (The Town) is an older guy who worked his way up from the factory floor, and Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln), who’s so old and craggy he could play a Cardassian without any assistance from make-up, is a top exec who tries to but can’t stop the waves of lay-offs. The timely story is enough to keep your interest, but the movie as a whole never really gelled for me. Rosemary DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married), a solid and attractive actress I haven’t seen much of, plays Affleck’s wife, and Kevin Costner (Waterworld) has a small part as her very blue-collar brother.


3 comments on “The Company Men

  1. […] Henry Cavill (I Capture the Castle) makese a fine Kal-El/Clark Kent, and I thought Kevin Costner (The Company Men) and Russell Crowe (Les Miserables) turned in nice performances as his adoptive and biological […]

  2. […] but somehow I forgot to care.  Anyway, this is a fairly routine action flick in which Costner (The Company Men) plays a long-time CIA hit man who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He goes to Paris, […]

  3. […] performances were fine. Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch) and Jamie Foxx (Ray) are good. Chris Cooper (The Company Men) has a brief, but memorable appearance. Mostly, I just wasn’t that interested in the story. […]

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