The Bishop’s Wife

DVD review from The Movie Snob

The Bishop’s Wife (B). This black-and-white 1947 release stars Cary Grant (Bringing Up Baby) as Dudley, an angel wandering around a big city just before Christmas doing good deeds for people. He drops in on Bishop Henry Brougham (David Niven, Murder by Death) and his lovely wife Julia (Loretta Young, The Farmer’s Daughter). You see, the good Bishop has been neglecting his marriage because he is so consumed with trying to raise funds to build a magnificent cathedral. So you expect Dudley to gently set the Bishop’s priorities straight. The pleasant surprise is that Dudley is not your usual saccharine kind of angel; he’s much more smug and self-satisfied with his little magic tricks. What’s more, he seems to have an appreciation for the fair Julia that is more than strictly cherubic! I enjoyed it. This disc had virtually no extra features, but it did have the movie’s trailer, which is one of the oddest I have ever seen.


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