Leave Her to Heaven

DVD review from The Movie Snob

Leave Her to Heaven (B-). In this 1945 flick, Richard Harland (Cornel Wilde, It Had to Be You) is a successful author taking a train to New Mexico. During the ride, he meets the beautiful Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney, Laura), and it turns out they’re going to the same ranch. Although Ellen is already engaged, she quickly decides that Richard is her man and jilts her fiance (Vincent Price, The House of Wax). Richard, a rather passive fellow, lets Ellen sweep him off his feet, and they are soon wed. But Ellen has a hint of the crazy eye about her, and it turns out she is extremely possessive of Richard and wickedly resents anyone who tries to share their time–such as Richard’s beloved and handicapped younger brother Danny (Darryl Hickman, The Tingler). Don’t get in Ellen’s way! The acting is perhaps not the greatest (although Tierney was Oscar-nominated for Best Actress), but I still enjoyed this movie well enough.


One comment on “Leave Her to Heaven

  1. […] Hunt?  That’s the question that drives this classic 1944 film noir.  Laura (Gene Tierney, Leave Her to Heaven) was a beautiful and successful advertising executive (long before the Mad Men era!).  She was the […]

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