The Movie Snob goes to the movies:

Kisses (B+). This is a short (72 minutes) little Irish movie about two young friends, Kylie and Dylan, who run away from their poor homes around Christmastime. They have plenty of reason; Dylan’s dad is a violent brute, and Kylie’s family is similarly unpleasant, plus she has a slimy “Uncle Maurice” coming around. At first, their running away is an adventure. But the mean streets of the city (Dublin?) are no place for a couple of kids (I’d guess they’re about 11 or 12), and as the night wore on I was constantly on edge that they’d run across some lowlife scum that they wouldn’t be able to handle. The Irish accents are so thick they have subtitles for most of the movie, but that didn’t faze me any. The little girl who plays Kylie reminded me a lot of a young Drew Barrymore. I thought it was a good movie, well worth the wee bit of time it took to watch it. (The film is not rated, but it would get an R for pervasive bad language and some violence.)


One comment on “Kisses

  1. […] laugh once or twice, and I have a hard time recommending it unreservedly. I also really enjoyed Kisses, an Irish movie about a couple of poor kids with bad home situations who decide to empty their […]

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