Winter’s Bone

From the desk of The Movie Snob

Winter’s Bone (B+). Life is hard in the grim Missouri Ozarks. A 17-year-old girl named Ree Dolly struggles to finish high school while taking care of her two younger siblings and their mentally ill mother in their poor little house. Then bad news arrives. Her meth-cooking father has jumped bail after signing over the house and land, and if he misses his court date the family will be evicted. Someone in her extended family probably knows where he is, but in this culture people don’t talk, and asking questions will get you beaten or worse. But Ree will not be deterred, and the tension steadily mounts as she pursues her quest. It’s a good movie, and I think Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Ree, deserves an Oscar nomination.

6 comments on “Winter’s Bone

  1. […] to take the movie on its own merits.  As action flicks go, it is very good.  Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) is great as heroine Katniss Everdeen.  (If you liked this movie, you should really seek out […]

  2. […] forbids him to contact her).  Soon after his release, Patrick meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone), a young widow who has plenty of mental-health issues of her own.  Tiffany says she’ll […]

  3. […] he is a mutant himself).  I was surprised to see that Mystique (played here by Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone) is roughly the same age as Xaiver, since she looks much younger than he in the later movies.  […]

  4. […] verge of womanhood who gets seduced by a sleazy cad. Or stay closer to home with the even darker Winter’s Bone, about a courageous teenage girl (Jennifer Lawrence, in her breakout performance) who has to stand […]

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  6. […] this is a pretty good movie.  It’s Jennifer Lawrence’s picture all the way, and she (Winter’s Bone) delivers her typical go-for-broke performance.  Like Mom Under Cover says, Joy is basically a […]

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