The Concert

A snobby review by The Movie Snob

The Concert (A-). This isn’t really a snobby review. Although this is a foreign flick with subtitles, it is a broad melodrama with some comical moments and a big tear-jerker of a finale. (It was for me, anyway, but I’m a sap for any movie that even attempts to be a tear-jerker.) The plot is undeniably preposterous. A theater in Paris is desperate to fill a hole in its schedule after the Los Angeles Philharmonic cancels, so it contacts the Bolshoi Orchestra in Moscow. The faxed invitation is intercepted by the Bolshoi’s janitor, who just happens to be a great conductor who was banned from the podium 30 years earlier because he defied Leonid Brezhnev’s order to fire all the Jews in the orchestra. The janitor accepts the invitation, reassembles his orchestra, and finagles their way to Paris without the real Bolshoi finding out about it. He also gets the French to hire the beautiful violinist Anne-Marie Jacquet (Melanie Laurent, Beginners) to perform as his soloist, and it quickly becomes clear that there is some mysterious link between him and Jacquet. It’s pure melodrama, and critical reviews are very mixed, but I totally bought into it.


2 comments on “The Concert

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