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Oceans (B+). Okay. When it comes to ocean-going documentaries, I’ve seen ’em all. The five-DVD set of “Blue Planet.” Dolphins and Whales 3D. Aliens of the Deep. Ghosts of the Abyss. Deep Blue. Ocean Wonderland. Jaws. You name it, I’ve seen it. So I’m not that easy to impress anymore. Yet, this new Disney offering (narrated by Pierce Brosnan, The World’s End) was undeniably impressive.  Of course there were the usual money shots of frolicking dolphins, mighty humpback whales, giant schools of sardines getting eaten by everything in sight, and a few of hapless sea lions getting attacked by orcas or great white sharks. (Not too gruesome, but maybe upsetting for the littlest kids.) But there were some weird novelties too, like the weird blanket octopus, and a huge battle between armies of identical-looking crabs off the coats of Australia. And there was a remarkable sequence of a diver swimming unprotected alongside a great white shark at twice his length. But for all that, I still started to feel a little restless by the end. Still, if you haven’t seen many ocean documentaries, this is a good one to see. Either this or Jaws.

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