How to Train Your Dragon

Movie Man Mike favors us with a review

How to Train Your Dragon (B+). This is a surprisingly good animated film for both adults and children.  I saw this in 3-D and the special effects are quite good.  This film is rated PG, but I’m not sure why. I don’t recall any bad language or “adult situations.” I suspect that it got a PG rating only because “G” ratings have more of a drag on a film’s marketing than a PG rating. The storyline in this film is original and entertaining. Hiccup is the son of a Viking king. The Viking’s village has been plagued for centuries by dragon attacks. The King takes great pride in killing dragons, but poor Hiccup is this very small guy who pretty much embarrasses his father. Hiccup wants to fit in though and manages to shoot down a night fury dragon, which is a terror-of-a dragon, but which had never before been seen by a Viking. From that point on, Hiccup learns many secrets of the dragons and becomes a champion of the village as a result. The animation in this film is great, and so are the voices of the characters. I heartily recommend this film.


3 comments on “How to Train Your Dragon

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  3. […] the already-thin plot really lost steam and interest toward the end. I’d definitely go see How to Train Your Dragon again before I’d rewatch The Secret of […]

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