42 Up

DVD review from The Movie Snob

42 Up (B). The Borg Queen and I continued to watch this series of British documentaries that started in the early 1960s with 7 Up. This 1998 installment checks in with the folks from all walks of British life at age 42 — my own age, actually. As you might expect, there are not too many dramatic changes from the last installment, when they were all 35. But there are a couple of surprises that are saved for near the end that are, well, fairly surprising. I find myself wondering about one of the boys who has not participated in probably the last three installments–he went on to become a writer, I think, and then to work for the BBC, and he apparently permitted the filmmakers to use a couple of up-to-date photographs of him in the movie. I just wonder why he wouldn’t go all the way and appear in the movie already.


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