The Princess and the Frog

From the desk of The Movie Snob

The Princess and the Frog (B+). I thought this latest Disney production was generally quite charming. In early 1900s New Orleans, young Tiana grows up working double shifts as a waitress, trying to save up enough money to open a restaurant of her own. Meanwhile, the charming but shiftless Prince Naveen from some fictional foreign land (Malbonia?) is paying a visit to the Big Easy when he runs afoul of a voodoo witch doctor called the Shadowman and gets himself turned into a frog. Naveen persuades Tiana to kiss him, but instead of making him human the kiss turns her into a frog too. They flee into the bayou, and adventures ensue. The jazzy soundtrack is fun, and Tiana and Naveen make a cute couple. Some of the voodoo stuff might be a little intense for the littlest kids, but otherwise this should be a good movie for the whole family.


2 comments on “The Princess and the Frog

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