Avatar – A Second Opinion

Movie Man Mike gives us his perspective on Avatar.

Avatar. If Hollywood were judged on its ability to churn out compelling stories, I would have to downgrade virtually every movie made in the past dozen or so years. Hollywood’s profits have been driven by special effects. There’s a dearth of new and notable stories. Having written that, I have to disagree with many of the reviewers’ (including The Movie Snob’s) criticism that Avatar’s storyline is lacking. I enjoyed the storyline. True, it’s not a jaw-dropping story, but it works. You’ll hear about the incredible special effects in this movie, and that’s no understatement. I recommend seeing this in the 3-D format, but I think you’ll find that it’s still enjoyable in the 2-D format. The film delivers some great messages to viewers. And it well cast. Sam Worthington is great as the lead. I am happy to see Giovanni Ribisi in his role as the representative of a greedy corporate giant bent on raping a far-way planet for profit. Sigourney Weaver is spot-on as a scientist who is studying life on the planet. This film is very entertaining. I give it an A minus.


2 comments on “Avatar – A Second Opinion

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