New review from The Movie Snob

Avatar (B). I recommend that you see this movie in its 3D incarnation, because the visual effects really make this movie. I mean really make it, in the sense that they are the only reason to see it. The plot is a ho-hum story about corporate malefactors and military crazies dealing out harm to a wholesome and spiritual indigenous people on a remote planet called Pandora. One soldier infiltrates the alien race by becoming one of them through an “avatar,” or alien body that he mentally controls through some funky technology. (It works a lot like the mechanical surrogates did in the movie Surrogates.) The acting is nothing to write home about. And the movie is definitely too long at 162 minutes. But the special effects really are incredible. The aliens and alien monsters and the whole alien world are amazingly realistic, but so are the scenes involving military helicopters and other hardware. The melding of live actors and digitized aliens is flawless. And the 3D effects are exceptional as well. I call it a B, because it is definitely worth seeing, but a movie can’t get an “A” on special effects alone in my book.


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