New Moon

From the desk of The Movie Snob

New Moon (D). Take my grade with a grain of salt, because I am clearly not the target demographic for this movie–that is, I am not and never have been a teenaged girl. This film continues the saga of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart, Zathura), a morose teenager who’s in love with dashing vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson, Twilight). Ed loves her back, but he and his vampire clan skip town, and he tells Bella she’ll never see him again. So she starts hanging out with a frequently-shirtless Native American guy named Jacob (Taylor Lautner, boyfriend to Taylor Swift), who has certain monstrous issues of his own. There is much fluttering of eyelids by Bella, and there are countless halting love speeches by the various members of this love triangle, but very little actually happens. In other words, it’s a dull way to spend 130 minutes. A pretty vampire named Alice (Ashley Greene, Twilight) does provide a few moments of interest, though.


2 comments on “New Moon

  1. […] this latest installment, human Bella (Kristen Stewart, Zathura), vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson, New Moon), and werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautin, New Moon) hang around and yak incessantly about who’s in […]

  2. […] instead, but she wasn’t having it.  She’s been a big vampire fan ever since New Moon.)  It’s a weird movie, but interesting.  Our hero is some ordinary guy living in a bleak […]

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