The Borg Queen assimilates Nicolas Cage in Knowing

Knowing (D+). This movie made no sense. It is about a scientist (Nicolas Cage) whose son opened up a time capsule at school and received a piece of paper written by a girl named Lucinda 50 years earlier. It contains a series of numbers that predicted the date of major disasters and the number of those killed, and more to come. The father spends the remainder of the movie hunting down Lucinda’s now grown-up daughter and trying to find a way to avoid the next impending disaster. Meanwhile, his son is frequently visited by these mysterious men with black eyes who don’t speak but “whisper” to him–as well as to Lucinda’ granddaughter who is the same age. Sounds intriguing, right? It’s not. As is often the case, a good idea is lost in the seemingly hurried execution of a movie. The tone of the movie also kept changing-horror, thriller, sci fi. There was also a “twist” at the end that wasn’t so much of a twist as a dead end that made everything that happened earlier in the movie make no sense. The ending was unsatisfying and ridiculous. This movie was fine for a Netflix night with nothing on TV and a break from my Star Trek DVDs, but that’s about it.


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