Cinematic Titanic (live)

Stage review from The Movie Snob

Cinematic Titanic. Okay, maybe you’re getting tired of reading DVD reviews of the long-defunct TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Well, bear with me a little longer, because many of the geniuses behind that show are at it again. To summarize, they take really bad movies and make them hilarious by making jokes about the movie during the movie. I gather that Joel Hodgson and several of the other people are now doing their old MST3K shtick on direct-to-DVD releases under the name “Cinematic Titanic.” And they even have this live show, which they did at Dallas’s Lakewood Theater on Friday and Saturday, June 5-6. I caught tonight’s show, in which they riffed on a terrible 1968 monster movie called “Danger on Tiki Island.” It was a really funny show. There were five people riffing on the movie, so there was a joke made almost every time there was a pause in the movie — and there were a lot of pauses. The house was pretty full and very excited, which added to the fun. But apparently there were a few folks there who weren’t familiar with the concept in advance. After the show, I heard someone behind me say to her companions, “Well, aren’t you glad I brought you out for the stupidest thing ever?” I got a big kick out of it myself, and I am inclined to order some of the Cinematic Titanic DVDs online to see if they are as good.


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