The Martian Child

DVD review from The Borg Queen

Martian Child B

I never heard of this movie before Netflix recommended it to me. It had a cast with names of people I recognized so I thought I’d give it a try. I went in with no expectations at all. All in all, I was pleased. The story centers on the relationship between David Gordon (John Cusack, The Paperboy) and a young boy, Dennis (Bobby Coleman, The Family Man). David is a science-fiction writer and recent widower. Prior to his wife’s death, they began the adoption process. After his wife dies, he learns that he has been matched with Dennis, a 6-year old available for adoption. David at first grapples with whether or not he can be a single father, especially considering his grieving. When David first meets Dennis, Dennis is isolating himself from the other kids by concealing himself in a large cardboard box, claiming that the sunlight hurts him. David learns that Dennis is convinced that he is from Mars and does things like wear a belt made of batteries to keep himself from floating away (due to the lighter gravity on Earth, of course). David begins to feel a connection with Dennis and decides to go forward with the process. The remainder of the movie, which takes place during the “trial period” for the adoption, is about the struggle of David to learn to interact with Dennis, who has various behavior problems, and for Dennis to learn how to bond with David. Along the way, Dennis demonstrates some peculiar abilities that also raise the question of whether Dennis truly is from another planet. I did not know how the story would end, and found it enjoyable. And, I even shed a couple of tears at the end. So, I’ll give Netflix a nod for picking a movie I never heard of, but actually enjoyed. The movie also stars Joan Cusack (School of Rock), Amanda Peet (The Whole Nine Yards), Oliver Platt (Pieces of April), and Richard Schiff (I Am Sam).


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