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Bolt (A-). As says, this movie got “generally favorable reviews,” and says it grossed $114 million in the USA, but I have the idea that it is viewed as a bit of a flop. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot. Yes, it borrowed from Toy Story and The Truman Show for the plot: a cute white dog named Bolt (voice of John Travolta, Hairspray) stars in a science-fiction/action TV series in which he has super powers, and he has been raised to think that everything that happens in the show is actually real. It happens that he is accidentally separated from his co-star and owner, a little girl named Penny (voice of Miley Cyrus, LOL), and so he must embark on a double journey: from NYC to Hollywood, and from his fantasy world to reality. Along the way he teams up with a streetwise alleycat named Mittens (voice of Susie Essman, Volcano), and she kind of steals the show in my book. I thought it was charming and heartwarming. Thus, the high grade.


2 comments on “Bolt

  1. Borg Queen says:

    >Just admit it, you are a closet animal lover!

  2. […] but I’ll go ahead and recommend a few movies I saw on video this year. The animated feature Bolt is a cute one, about a dog who thinks he has super powers — kind of like a canine Buzz […]

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