Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Movie review from Nick at Nite

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I cannot believe I went to see this movie. My son sabotaged me. He wanted to go. It was the weekend. It seemed like a good idea. It was not. I take that back. He loved it. So, it was probably worth it. How far has Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies) fallen? Piper Perabo (Cheaper by the Dozen)? Why? I guess they needed a check. Ms. Curtis’s dog gets lost in Mexico. Ms. Perabo was supposed to be watching the dog. Ms. Perabo, the gardener, and the gardener’s dog travel to Mexico to save Ms. Curtis’s dog. Hilarity ensues. I don’t know if I am being too sensitive – it is a movie with talking dogs – but this movie seems to embrace some negative cultural stereotypes too much for my taste. I give it a “D.” For dog and dumb.


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