Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (The Complete Series)

The Borg Queen concludes that resistance is futile.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (The Complete Series)

I recently purchased the entire Deep Space Nine (DS9) series on DVD, which I hadn’t seen before. My little brother swore it was as good as, if not better than, The Next Generation (TNG) and Voyager. Over the course of two or three months, I managed to get through all 7 seasons. The first two seasons were a bit slow and were often stand-alone episodes. But somewhere around the middle or end of the third season, the show shifted directions. It essentially became one long, interesting story line furthered by each episode (aside from some stand-alone episodes intermixed). The characters became extremely well developed so you really began to care about them. I always found the Ferengi episodes extremely boring and annoying, but otherwise, I really enjoyed the entire series. You just have to get past the first couple of character-building seasons. I particularly enjoyed an episode where some DS9’ers traveled back in time to the time of Spock and Kirk and got dubbed into an old Star Trek (original series) episode. If you are a Star Trek fan, and haven’t given this show a chance, I definitely recommend watching this series. If not, I’d still recommend watching this series, but skip to Season 3. All that said, I think I like TNG a little better–but I grew up watching TNG, so it has nostalgia giving it an edge.

One comment on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (The Complete Series)

  1. sobhi singla says:

    >We all are well aware of the success, which Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episodes have in their pocket. This show entered the hearts of millions of fans right after its premiere.

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