The Man Behind the Gun

DVD review by the Movie Snob

The Man Behind the Gun (C-). Back in the day, Randolph Scott was apparently a pretty popular Western movie star. Today, he is apparently largely forgotten. Personally, I had never heard of him until I read an essay that praised of some of his movies for their moral ambiguity. (The essay also pointed out a scene in Blazing Saddles that would have sailed over my head, in which the heroes invoke Randolph Scott to shame the cowardly townspeople.) Anyhoo, I found a cheap DVD of three of Scott’s movies. This, the first one, is not very good. Scott plays an Army major sent to southern California on a secret mission to prevent that part of the state from seceding and becoming a slave state. It’s just so-so. But props to a young and skinny Alan Hale, Jr. as one’s of Scott’s sidekicks, before he went on to fame and fortune as the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island. and somewhat less fame in The Giant Spider Invasion.


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  1. […] Plains (D+). This is the second in a three-movie collection of Westerns starring Randolph Scott (The Man Behind the Gun). I already reviewed and panned The Man Behind the Gun, and this is one is no better. A lengthy […]

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