MGD 64

The Bleacher Bum contributes our first ever beer review. (That Guy Named David hangs his head in shame.)

The ultra light beer market is getting really competitive. Michelob Ultra has been the frontrunner, but other beer companies are getting into the mix. I tried Budweiser Select a few weeks ago, while watching the Texas Longhorns dismantle the Florida Atlantic Owls. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very smooth, tasted like beer, and had no aftertaste. It wasn’t great though. Last night, I thought I would try MGD 64. In high school, Miller Genuine Draft was my favorite beer. It is what my uncle and older brother drank. So, it is what I stole from them and drank in my parents’ garage.

MGD 64 was awful from the first sip to the last bitter end. It tasted and smelled terrible. It tasted like stale 7-UP mixed with sour lemonade with a shot of cologne. I drank one and put the rest in the refrigerator. I will finish the six-pack (I don’t throw away beer no matter what.), but I doubt I will enjoy it. Avoid at all costs….unless it is free.


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