The Ruins

DVD review from Nick at Nite

The Ruins

Adapted from the book written by Scott Smith, this passable film does not rise to the challenge set by the book. It should not have been too difficult. All that was needed was a Mayan ruin, some jungle vines, several young actors, and an adobe village. What I mean to say is that the movie strays from the book, including the end, which undermines the frantic pace that is set by the book. The story follows several American tourists who travel to South America for a beach adventure. While on the beach the meet a German tourist who wants to go find his brother who is off visiting a Mayan ruin with an archaeologist. The Americans go with the German and the rest is history. The Mayan ruin ends up being a very bad place to be. I will not give away the story because it would ruin, no pun intended, the book and the movie for anyone reading this review. The point I want to make is that I really enjoyed the book. Could not stop reading it. Had to turn the next page. The movie? I was ready to be done watching it ten minutes in. The book I still give an “A,” the movie I give a “C.”


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