DVD review by Nick at Nite


Do not drink the Kool-Aid. Lost is greatness. Cloverfield is not. It did not give me motion sickness, it just made me sad. The movie is too long, had no ending, is boring for long stretches, and generally hard to watch. I have seen better on the Sci-Fi channel. I have seen better on the Sci-Fi channel in the middle of the night. I’ll give J.J. Abrams a mulligan. Why? Mostly because Lost is so phenomenal. Plus, he cannot miss with his next venture, a redo of Star Trek. I digress. Cloverfield follows a group of New Yorkers as their city is attacked by a giant, non-Godzilla like monster. The monster is mean and has little baby monsters. The baby monsters are also mean. I didn’t care about any of the characters. Many of them die. A protracted start with people at a party nearly made me stop watching this film altogether. Here is the odd part: This is normally my kind of movie. Thankfully I did not wait in line to see this at the movie theater. I give it an “F.”


2 comments on “Cloverfield

  1. […] It has been years since I went to a movie on opening night. My life has conspired to keep me away from the theater. So it was a little miracle that I was able to go on opening night to see Battle: Los Angeles. I was only a little disappointed. Likely because I was looking forward to it a little too much. This is a fine popcorn film. It is not too original. It is not particularly clever. It is a little clichéd. It is fun. Stuff blows up. A city is destroyed. The good guys win. Basically, a bunch of mean, nasty, water-based aliens start attacking us (see Independence Day, SkyLine, E.T., Bees, etc …) and a group of hardened U.S. Marines must come to our rescue (Aliens, Predator, Heartbreak Ridge, Wall Street, etc …). Do not get too attached to any character. Do buy popcorn. Do feel a little nauseated by the herky, jerky camera work (Cloverfield). […]

  2. […] Cloverfield Lane  (B).  I didn’t see Cloverfield, so I have no idea how or if this new movie dovetails with that one.  But if you like your movies […]

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