Baby Mama

From the desk of The Movie Snob
Baby Mama (B). I enjoyed this Odd Couple-ish story about Kate, a successful but single and childless executive (Tina Fey, Mean Girls), who hires a white-trash gal named Angie (Amy Poehler, Blades of Glory) to be a surrogate mother for her. The culture clash yields plenty of laughs, and there are many, many great supporting roles: Steve Martin (Bowfinger) as the old-hippie head of the organic-foods company Kate works for, Sigourney Weaver (The Village) as the off-kilter head of a surrogate-mother agency, Romany Malco (The 40-Year Old Virgin) as Kate’s doorman, and Dax Shepard (TV’s Parenthood) as Angie’s dim-witted common-law husband Carl. As a lawyer, I particularly enjoyed a courtroom scene in which Angie and Carl both struggle to address the judge with the proper decorum. I recommend it, but it’s not for the kids. (Note the PG-13 rating.)

5 comments on “Baby Mama

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  5. […] and poignant, this is the story of the very dysfunctional Hoover family. The dad (Greg Kinnear, Baby Mama) is obsessed with getting a book deal based on his nine-step self-help program for turning losers […]

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