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Enchanted (B). I thought this looked like a cute movie from the very first preview I saw, and it delivers pretty much exactly what you would expect. The beginning is like a generic animated Disney feature—the beautiful damsel Gisele is pining for a prince charming, who suddenly appears and proposes that they get married immediately. His wicked stepmother senses a threat to her power as queen and, in disguise as an old crone, pushes Gisele down a bottomless well. Then the clever hook—Gisele emerges from a manhole in New York City as real woman (played with perfect wide-eyed innocence by Amy Adams, American Hustle). A handsome but skeptical divorce lawyer (Patrick Dempsey, TV’s Grey’s Anatomy) takes Gisele in, while the prince, the queen, and her schlubby henchman all make their way from animationland to live-action New York in hot pursuit. Cute antics follow. The movie sags a little in the middle, but on the whole it is good fun for the whole family.

6 comments on “Enchanted

  1. […] Walter who just happens to be a muppet.  He also has a long-time sweetheart played by Amy Adams (Enchanted).  The three of them take a trip to L.A., where they find to their horror that the old muppet […]

  2. […] how everything is going to play out or what is going to happen next.   Although Amy Adams (Enchanted) is not exactly what I have in mind for Lois Lane (and still don’t), I really enjoyed Henry […]

  3. […] Mentions. Other movies I would single out to recommend to you: Enchanted is perfectly enchanting, about the animated princess who is magically transported to real-world […]

  4. […] not at all appreciated by the Iron Nun. In the middle is sweet, youngish Sister James (Amy Adams, Enchanted), who sees just enough unusual behavior to wonder if Father Flynn’s relationship with the […]

  5. […] (Junebug) is predictably cute and perky, but her character is a strange mixture of Gisele from Enchanted and Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s–heavy on the Golightly. McDormand […]

  6. […] like she usually is. The supporting cast is also great and easy on the eyes, including Amy Adams (Enchanted), Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada), and Shiri Appleby (TV’s Roswell). The movie does leave […]

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