Resident Evil: Extinction

New review from Nick at Nite

Resident Evil: Extinction

This was too much even for me. I am sucker for Zombie films. I am even more of a sucker for end of the world Zombie films. I was just not impressed with this, the third installment in the Resident Evil series. In hindsight, I guess one would expect that a movie trilogy based on a series of video games would eventually run out of steam. Without any explanation needed, the plot was a little thin. The Umbrella Corporation is still bad. Most people are sick from the Zombie virus released in the first and second movie. Now the entire world is somehow sick. Query. How does a planet get sick? Anyhow, a movie like this usually makes up for a lack of plot with an increase in action sequences. Did not happen here. Bottom line: not very good. Rent the first movie. It is actually quite good. I give it a “C.”


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