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Illegal (B-). Another entry from my film noir collection, this 1955 flick offered some pleasures. Edward G. Robinson (Soylent Green) plays Victor Scott, the hugely successfully D.A. of Los Angeles. After he sends an innocent man to the chair, he quits his job and hits the sauce. But a lawyer of his talents can’t stay down for long, and his seedy new criminal-defense practice takes off — and lands him in the pay of the mob! A young DeForest Kelley (Star Trek‘s Dr. McCoy) has a couple of scenes as the innocent guy Scott sends to the deathhouse (he takes it pretty well, all things considered). Blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield (The Loves of Hercules) plays the moll of the top mobster in one of her first film roles. Not bad.


One comment on “Illegal

  1. […] the hotel is shortly taken over by a bunch of gangsters led by Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson, Illegal), and Bogie will have to use all his street smarts to help the good guys survive the night. Oh, and […]

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