The Statement

New DVD review from Movie Man Mike

The Statement.  (C)  This film had a lot of potential, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Michael Caine (Youth) plays Pierre Brossard, a man living in France, who is under the protection of the Catholic Church. Tilda Swinton (Broken Flowers) plays Annemarie Livi, a French investigator charged with finding Brossard, who as a young man was involved in the assassination of Jews following the Nazi invasion of France in the 1940’s. Although Brossard had received a presidential pardon, Livi wants Brossard because he would have information as to who else was involved in the assassination of the Jews, and who must now be part of the French political elite who have been protecting Brossard for years. Jeremy Northam (Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius) plays Colonel Roux, who assists Livi in helping to track down Brossard. One problems for Livi and Roux is that they are not the only ones trying to catch Brossard. An underground Jewish organization has sent assassins to kill Brossard. As the plot unfolds, not all is as it appears (don’t want to give any spoilers). In any event, the timeline on this one seems a little contrived and the resolution of the investigation leaves one still asking questions and otherwise a little dissatisfied with the outcome.


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