Dan in Real Life

Movie review from The Movie Snob

Dan in Real Life (C). I thought the previews made this movie look too saccharine for my taste, but I like Steve Carell (Anchorman) and read some good reviews. Plus, the movie I really wanted to see was sold out. (For the second time!) I’m not revealing any spoilers by telling you the set-up: Carell plays Dan, an advice columnist and widower with three daughters from maybe 8 to 16. He takes his girls to his parents’ house for a big family Thanksgiving, and, while he’s alone in the small town where they live, he meets and falls for a charming woman (Juliette Binoche, Summer Hours). He goes back to his parents’ house, his brother Mitch arrives, and Mitch’s new girlfriend turns out to be none other than . . . Juliette Binoche. The rest of the movie is the processing of this set-up. My basic problem with the movie is that I just didn’t believe it. Carell’s character behaves too badly for the saintly guy he is made out to be. His family is excruciatingly cute and cuddly and close. I just didn’t buy it. See it at your own risk.


7 comments on “Dan in Real Life

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  7. […] with much loftier pretensions, but that movie was sold out upon my arrival. I could have seen Dan in Real Life, but I thought I might see that one with my cousin someday, so I settled for this movie instead, […]

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