The Comebacks

From the desk of The Movie Snob

The Comebacks (C). Suffice it to say, The Movie Snob did not set out to see this movie. I set out to see a different movie, with much loftier pretensions, but that movie was sold out upon my arrival. I could have seen Dan in Real Life, but I thought I might see that one with my cousin someday, so I settled for this movie instead, even though I am pretty sure I read a review somewhere in which it got an F. But low expectations are a movie reviewer’s best friend, and since I did actually laugh a few times I considered it a success. The plot (the world’s worst coach has one last shot at redemption by taking over the football program at a small Texas college) is an excuse to make obvious references to every sports movie you can imagine (and undoubtedly many more than I have ever seen). Lots of crude sexual innuendo passing for jokes. Gratuitous shots of cheerleaders and girls in bikinis. Poor Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office) completely wasted as the coach’s wife. And yet, as I said, I did laugh a few times. Like when Stacy Keibler and that Lachey guy from Dancing With the Stars appear in the halftime show for the Big Game and there’s a “wardrobe malfunction.” See this movie at your own risk.


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