The Nightmare Before Christmas

New review from The Movie Snob

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D (B). Somehow this movie always got by me until this year. As you would expect, it is visually stunning. The 3-D effects are very well done, although there is very little about the movie that is particularly enhanced by the 3-D. There aren’t any skulls rolling out into your lap or anything like that. Anyhoo, Jack Skellington (voice of Danny Elfman, Corpse Bride) is the Pumpkin King and pretty much the top dog in Halloween Town, which is home to all the ghosts and ghouls that go around scaring everybody on Halloween. But old Jack is feeling a little hollow inside after yet another Halloween, and while wandering in a wood he accidentally discovers that there are other holidays with towns of their own. Intrigued by what he sees in Christmas Town, he decides he wants to try out Santa’s gig for a change. It’s an interesting concept, but despite the dazzling visuals it doesn’t rise to greatness, in my opinion. But it’s worth seeing.


One comment on “The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. Nick at Nite says:

    >You are wrong. This is a classic. Danny Elfman’s score and the songs are Halloween favorites at my house. My son refers to Pumpkins as Jack Skellington. I saw it when it originally came out years ago. I thought it was brillant then, the 3D version only makes it more brillant. Give it an “A.”

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