Planet Terror

DVD review from Nick at Nite

Planet Terror

This should be called “Terror Movie.” As in this movie will so terrorize you, you will want to rip your eyes out. This is one half of the Grindhouse duo. This half was so bad, there is no way I will see the second half. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I love a Zombie flick. I tolerate almost all Zombie flicks. I will watch a Zombie movie that people will not rent, much less watch. This movie I could not tolerate. The story is basic enough. Bad military guys and scientists release toxic cloud and people become Zombies. Good guys must escape and kill a bunch of Zombies. It was over the top and bad to me when one heroine breaks both of her wrists and then tries to drive a car and another heroine has her leg amputated and attaches a machine gun to the stump to assist in the survivors’ defense. I know, I know, it is a Zombie flick, shouldn’t they all be over the top – yep, they should. But over the top usually means fantastic special effects and on the edge of your seat suspense. This had neither. I give it an “F.”


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  1. […] from the reviews I read that Wanted was the bastard love child of Alien v. Predator II and Grindhouse or as I like to refer to them – the two worst movies ever made. Here is the main issue. Critics […]

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