DVD review from The Movie Snob

Disturbia (C). I do not remember Rear Window very well, having seen it only once a long time ago. But I remember it well enough to know it was a lot better than this remake. (Is this movie considered a remake?) Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) plays Kale Brecht, a troubled youth whose indiscretions (like slugging his Spanish teacher) land him in house arrest for the summer. He starts watching his neighbors, who just happen to include the lovely Ashley (Sarah Roemer, The Grudge 2) and a guy who may be a serial killer. Ashley doesn’t mind that Kale spies on her when she goes swimming, and as a reward he sends his dorky best friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo, Rocket Science) to go break into the maybe-murderer’s house instead of Ashley. Oh, and Trinity from The Matrix is Kale’s mom (Carrie-Anne Moss, Pompeii). Humdrum.


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