The Simpsons Movie

From the desk of The Movie Snob

The Simpsons Movie (B-). If this movie had come out 10 years ago, I would have been among the first in line to see it. But I fell out of love with The Simpsons tv show a long time ago and haven’t seen an episode in at least six or seven years. Thus, I barely caught it in the theaters. I was rather pleasantly surprised, then, when I actually laughed out loud a few times during the show. Sure the plot contained some, shall we say, familiar elements. (Homer’s idiocy causes a major catastrophe; Marge considers leaving him; Bart realizes that Flanders is a better father than Homer; Lisa has a crush on a environmentally conscious boy.) Still, the measure of a comedy is whether it makes you laugh, and this one did, more than once. Sure, the Simpsons’ glory days are long gone. Homer can only become the union rep or a NASA astronaut once. But check out this movie (at the dollar theater, if necessary), and take a little walk down memory lane.


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