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Superbad (D+). Am I just a puritan, or have movies become seriously deranged when it comes to bad language and blatant sexual content? There is a decent story buried in this movie, under many layers of garbage. Seth (Jonah Hill, Hail, Caesar!) and Evan (Michael Cera, Juno) are best friends. They are also high-school seniors on the verge of graduating and going their separate ways, Evan to Dartmouth and Seth to some state school. They are not very popular, but they get invited to a party and promise in return to supply some alcohol. They also hope to “score” with two girls in particular, or at least Seth does; Evan actually seems to want to date the object of his desire in a more traditionally romantic fashion. But getting the alcohol turns into a quest of Odyssean proportions, which the movie uses nicely to expose the strengths and weaknesses of the boys’ friendship. But the good stuff is buried under so much foul language and unnecessary crap that I just couldn’t enjoy it. I could blame it my being almost 40, but I choose to blame the filmmakers.


3 comments on “Superbad

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