New review from Nick at Nite


This movie is more my speed. It should be cheesy and not very good. Lots of car chases, people getting shot, bombs, murder, mayhem, explosions, a cute girl, and the good guys winning. This is a good movie (and it does not have one original moment in it). Mark Wahlberg (I Heart Huckabees) plays a Marine sharpshooter who does some bad things, and his friend gets killed while he is trying to do a little too much on a mission (The Sniper). Wahlberg’s character is set up as the shooter in an assassination attempt against the President (The Day of the Jackal). Wahlberg then must spend the rest of the movie on the run in an attempt to prove that he did not commit the crime (The Fugitive). If this sounds like you have seen it before, you probably have. Still, it is a good popcorn film. I give it “B.”


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