From Nick at Nite


You may have noticed from some of my reviews that I watch a lot of bad movies. I actually enjoy them. The more improbable and cheesy the movie is, the more I am likely to enjoy it. After some ribbing from my friend The Movie Snob, I decided to step out and watch a movie that had some redeeming value. This was that movie. Breach is a fascinating story based on the true story of the FBI capturing the worst double agent in the history of the CIA. Chris Cooper (The Town) gives an eerie, cold, believable portrayal of Robert Hanssen. Cooper makes Hanssen’s paranoia palpable. Ryan Phillippe (Crash) is underwhelming as Ed O’Neill, the undercover agent that assists in Hanssen’s capture. Underwhelming is not intended as an insult. Phillippe actually plays O’Neill as he would have to be if he was going to gain Hanssen’s trust. O’Neill had to be obedient to Hanssen and defer to him on all things. The movie was more drama than suspense. That may well be because we all know how it ends. In fact, the movie starts at the end. This is worth seeing so you can see Cooper turn in another fine performance. As an aside, if you have not seen him in Lone Star, then stop what you are doing right now, go to your car, go to Blockbuster, and rent Lone Star. I give Breach a “B+.”


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